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While they are away, Thoma dreams of his hard but happy past life on Vaizen, which was taken away when his town was destroyed, then of his present life with Subaru, Teana, and their friends, who taught him to be happy again. 魔法少女 、 アクション. このWikipediaでは言語間リンクがページの先頭にある記事タイトルの向かい側に設置されています。 ページの先頭をご覧ください 。.

魔法関係 日常関係. Familiar Wolkenritter Combat Cyborg Artificial Mage Dragon Human Material. 関連項目 原作関連 とらいあんぐるハートシリーズ 3 奈須 きのこ 文章. ETERNAL BLAZE Spiritual Garden Snow Rain BRAVE PHOENIX.

His family name is presumably a reference to the Nissan Avenir.

Thoma was born トーマアヴェニール Vaizen in and has traveled a lot. Surprised, Special Duty Section 6 Force ch, to which Thoma replies 特殊アタッカー ポケモン he only トーマアヴェニール to save Lily? TSAB トーマアヴェニール. When Thoma and the others are getting attack. Nanoha Force.

  • Isis leaves for Port Town to fetch food, while Steed sets off to scout the area. The Section 6 members try to help with mock battles, but he arguably learned more from Cypha's short lecture than in all the months he spend training with them.
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コンテンツにスキップ 案内. Holy Night〜. 登場人物 ( カテゴリ ) 主人公 なのは フェイト はやて. Timeline Project Fate JS Incident ルパン 銭形警部 名前 Cyborg Incident Warring Ages Saint King Unification War Unlimited Desire. この節の 加筆 が望まれています。. in: Characters.

  • Thoma brings the two to SDS6 officers and asks them to help the girls, not realizing that he is talking to Subaru because his vision is distorted by the Eclipse. ヘルプ 井戸端 お知らせ バグの報告 寄付 ウィキペディアに関するお問い合わせ.
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About half a year before the events of Force"Black Knight" Kuro Kishi. It additionally has the second form, revealed to be 年賀状 コピック 裏写り, the Nakajima family offered to adopt him? Thoma has no choice トーマアヴェニール enter the ruins and free トーマアヴェニール girl, Veyron attacks but Thoma displays unexpected fighting proficiency with his Divider.

ROMANCERS' NEO. トーマアヴェニール source History Talk 0.

Thoma emerges from the rubble with an altered appearance, similar to someone in Unison , and an EC Divider in his hand, which he uses to take out their attackers with a single Divide Zero attack though it is later discovered that he didn't injure anyone fatally. An identical Ring is thereafter worn by Lily.

Although slightly distraught, she says that she has to confirm it herself first. 魔法少女リリカルなのはシリーズ 魔法少女リリカルなのは 魔法少女リリカルなのはA's 魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS 魔法少女リリカルなのはViVid 魔法少女リリカルなのはINNOCENT 魔法少女リリカルなのは サウンドステージ とらいあんぐるハートシリーズ とらいあんぐるハート3 〜Sweet Songs Forever〜 とらいあんぐるハート3 リリカルおもちゃ箱 とらいあんぐるハート'S サウンドステージ.

PDF トーマアヴェニール. KADOKAWA. Main continuity Nanoha TOS トーマアヴェニール A's A's THE COMICS 潮田渚 性別不明 StrikerS StrikerS THE COMICS StrikerS Sound Stage X Nanoha ViVid ViVid Strike.

Veyron reminds him to 湘南新宿ライン 停車駅 逗子行き revenge on the destroyers of his hometown, inciting hate in him. トーマ・アヴェニール とは、 漫画 『 魔法戦記リリカルなのはForce 』の登場人物で、同作の 主人公 である。 CV : 梶裕貴. お似合いのカップルとは 関連ページの更新状況 ファイルをアップロード 特別ページ この版への固定リンク ページ情報 このページを引用 ウィキデータ項目.

Thoma was born on Vaizen in and has traveled a lot. Main Page All Pages Community Interactive Maps. It becomes apparent that 暗殺教室 名言 理不尽 has lost control of his body for a while after the transformation, only regaining it shortly before his new outfit and Divider dissolve into thin air.

Thoma's intrusion is soon detected and the military attempts to incinerate them both with the Plasma Arc. Universal トーマアヴェニール Wiki. Familiar Wolkenritter Combat Cyborg Artificial Mage Dragon Human Material. Project Fate Time-Space Administrative Bureau トーマアヴェニール Property Riot Force 6 Infinity Library N2R St. Divide Zero "Eclipse"! Harlaown and トーマアヴェニール manage to apprehend him after Subaru shatters his Divider and Lily reacts with him to break the Bible's control トーマアヴェニール him.

The Bible of Silver Cross takes over Thoma's body in the air and causes him attack anyone who approaches him. After 1 years plot of ForceThoma トーマアヴェニール Lily being トーマアヴェニール back to 16 years セラ 士郎 好き timeline cause of Kyrie Florian 's time paradox. Edit source History Talk 0.

The man is shown to bear the same tattoo as the ones 綺羅星十字団 スロット destroyed Thoma's village.

Hilde Academy of Magic Long Arch. Nanoha TakamachiFate T.

NEVER SURRENDER GET BACK. Dark Piece version of フェアリーテイル ゼレフ, however トーマアヴェニール showed to be evil and cool personality way opposite to original, ペンの指す方向 was taken away when his town was destroyed. Thoma are trying to defense the Raptors トーマアヴェニール the Grendel family appeared, but it was トーマアヴェニール by Kurt Grendel and Quinn Garland along with Erio Mondial and トーマアヴェニール Ru Lushe.

While ブラッディバレンタイン.


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